Friday, June 22, But it actually works. That is all that is needed to make it work Also no luck there. I have tried installing it by using the various bat files in the mt7 directory, and by adding all the files from the mt7 zip file as well.

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Touch Driver for Display DownLoad Center

Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been able to access the internet during the weekend. The touch driver didn’t work, nor did it show up in device manager and the controlpanel utility did not show anything about having found the device either, and if I try to run any of the programs in the program directy it will just tell me the device driver isn’t found.

Here I get the device to show up in device manager, and I can get into the utility with no errors, I can even calibrate the panel, but as soon as the calibration is done I get no response from the touch screen. That is all that is needed to make it work Wednesday, June 27, 3: Alright it is nearly working now, I can install after the fba using the MT7.


I’ve battled with this for so long now I’ve nearly pulled out all the hairs from my head. Monday, June 25, 6: Everything is working like a dream now.

Now for the final goal and touch down. Also no luck there. According to 3M I should be able to use the 7.

The installation program finishes with no errors, the program is installed, the program files are there. With the result that the driver doesn’t show up in device manager. I’ve tried again installing the driver on a xp machine, using inctrl 5 to register the changes and then exporting those branches from the registry and import them in the XPE install along with the driver files.

Announcements from the product team, such as Chats, will be posted here too. Remove From My Forums. Wednesday, June 27, The system is a ARKand am using a touchscreen via one of the com ports. Have also tried using inctrl5 to register all changes on a fouchscreen prof though, not xpe and then manually add those changes to a XPE installation.

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Thank you all for your help, this is such a relieve to finally getting it to work. Optionally you can also add the following component: But it actually works.


3M Touch | Download Center | Support | A | WINMATE

I tried adding the regestries manually and then after a reboot windows embedded finds 7 touchs screen one on each com-port. Tuesday, June 26, 5: Very nice people that. Have you tried to install the drivers after you ran the FBA? I can see it in the device manager under ‘mice and other pointing devices’, so does anyone know how to make it act as the mouse?

If anyone have had luck with the mt7 driver, and I haven’t heard anything bad about this driver at all, could they perhaps send me their. And when finally booted up, there is no luck getting it to work of course.

Help getting 3M drivers to work

Intalling the MT7 Touch drivers, from 2 different sites and with 2 different results. The latest availble on there website is MT touchscresn. Friday, June 22,