After restarting the computer insert the Backpack PC Card into your computer. Turns out to be more reliable. While it is for parallel port and NOT USB, there might be something informative in the documentation regarding the Backpack firmware loading, so I will quote some of that documentation here for the historical record and since Micro Solutions is out of business and information will be VERY hard to find for their products now. Combinations of these adjustments are valid as well, but not typically necessary. Determine the parallel port type in Windows NT4 with: Please be sure to send in your registration card, or register your prdocut online at our Web site:

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Use the SpeedyCD software.

Turns out to be more reliable. No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block. VXD 1 Copy this patch file: Start – Settings – Control Panel – System.

The second component is a set of high-level drivers for each of the different type of supported device: Creative’s Jukebox with Gnomad http: In the information box on the right-hand side, look at the line beginning “Tx”. Only unload it if it’s already loaded.

Connect the backpack cable between the printer port on the computer and the port marked “Computer” on the backpack drive. You can use it to load programs, play multimedia titles or play audio CDs. When the driver installation finishes click Dinder and restart your computer.


Other tools may not handle hexfiles using this extension.

Microsolutions 222010 Backpack External Cd-rewriter Includes Cables

As this socket is a FIFO, there is no requirement to re-order events as they will not arrive out of order. The recommended method for using SpeedyCD is to write your data to an Image File on your local hard drive and then write it back to the backpack.

OK- I powered everything down for a while and downed a cup o’ Joe. Connect the Backpack USB cable to back of the backpack drive.

Micro Solutions –

Some just show a notice to use the “service” command. It does not provide any “writing” support or PD Cartridge support.

Y 02 7a 22 ef c1 53 c5 69 d5 b8 c5 1b 11 07 d1 If the backpack wiU be used on the computer’s parallel port, set the Auto-scanning for Backpack drives on the LPT port to “Scan on BOOT only” and make sure that the backpack is connected when the backpqck boots. If the computer has more than one EPP parallel printer port, it doesn’t matter which one is used for backpack. While they are not scripts themselves, they essentially execute whatever is required to replace sysvinit scripts.

Micro Solutions

If you are unable to find the answer to your problem in this guide: HEX stop CPU write on-chip, addr 0x len 3 0x write on-chip, addr 0xe len 6 0x write on-chip, addr 0x len 3 0x write on-chip, addr 0x len 4 0x write on-chip, addr 0xc len 12 0xc write on-chip, addr 0x0e00 len 0x00d0 can’t write 7 bytes external memory at 0x1cd0 unable to download BPINTCD.


And the Backpack drive is still dangling out there on the USB bus as: Try these changes one at a time, in the order listed below. This uses “usbfs” older name: Under the Finder Settings tab, try these changes one at a time, in the order listed below.

I did figure out that wonton’s script would probably work better on my HP laptop running Ubuntu Although you can write multiple audio sessions, only computer CD-ROM drives are able to play the subsequent sessions. For NT installation this is NOT needed, but is used if the parameters are to be changed in control panel later. Choose Start, Settings, Control Panel.

Going back to RTFM: Only microsolutikns rare instances is a combination of changes needed. Sharing discs between computers Whether the discs you create can be read on a particular drive depends both on the media and the program used. Reboot the computer when prompted.