Many Thanks for your prompt reply. The solution for me was to exchange the hard disk in the machine for an alternative one and then it worked again no problem. GadgetHoney , Jul 18, I have defragged it, cleaned it of spyware and adware etc but it is still slower than it should be. I was using Word, the internet wirelessly and doing a few other things. I think this is the easiest and least technical solution. No, create an account now.

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Hi, I have a Philips Freevent X59 and the fan sotopped working. Does anyone know what I need to do and how to do it, I am no buff just basic knowhow is it.

Following your instructions I now have an XP system, and all my software running sweetly, done in about a day. It provides some information about the hardware. Now my touchpad has stopped working!

The ram slot is then visible in the bottom right hand corner of the main board. Hi Andy Is this any good http: BUT what driver was it exactly……the exact name? It tool me a couple of weeks on and off. Many Thanks for your prompt reply. Tom, It would appear to be a Twinhead H12M: Any help would be very welcome. Do you know where I can get the Raid drivers from?

If they have any sort of reasonable excuse it can usually be discredited, especially with the release of sp1 which has improved the OS greatly. Everything except the wireless drivers seems to be pretty solid. I got the drive out… replaced with a bigger version, and got the whole thing up and running again with a fresh Vista install, but the original drive was knackered… and after putting everything back together, for some reason part of the keyboard the left side of the spacebar and the Alt key were raised allowing dust and all other kinds of crap to easily get in.


Wireless networks only reconnect about 1 in 6 times at re-boot and take a long time to connect 2 mins for encrypted networks. Was wondering if these machines come with a preinstalled recovery partition.

I have now tried installing the os onto the hard drive from a seperate computer but still no sucess. It took me ages to figure that out, and it was only by searching for the SATA controller chip that I made the connection.

Freevents Sata Driver – captainfiles

The stickers on the front of the machine palmrest are a bugger to remove and may leave you greevents a gooey sticky mess to get rid of. Just thought I would let people know if they come across this blog and attempt this upgrade.

I feel quite proud though cos I did think it might be overheating — is the fan underneath? I deleted the disc partition on the hard drive which is the death nell for these beasts….

I am looking for a recovery disk for the Philips x I have defragged it, safa it of spyware and adware etc but it is still slower than it should be. I downloaded the SATA driver files from the website you indicated.


The XP Audio driver is listed. Need to be sure what connection the present one is though im led to beleive it is mini PCI-E. You may find that most of the components are generic and the drivers can be had from the parts manufacturer rather than direct from Twinhead.

I have an X66 and tried to upgrade the memory.

How to install XP on a Philips Freevents laptop

This makes my freevents a tool im now very fond of. When it came back the last time no audio, no sta found, and no screen backlight. X56 you look the muts nuts but you are the illegitimate son of WC-world We have had it now for a long time and the silver has worn off around the mouse. Which one is true? Oops I got me contact detaiols wrong in last post.