There are other monitoring software available that probably could take this info and show it graphically, i choose this one, you’re free to check others. I have a Vostro too… since i installed Linux Ubuntu the sound doesent work!! I am a newbie to linux, i have just installed ubuntu 9. If you are about to order the Vostro it is recommended you select the Intel wireless option as tested here. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. Some versions of the Vostro include the Dell Wireless and controllers.

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Ubuntu Linux on DELL Vostro 1510

I was able to load the Windows drivers with a wrapper, but was provided this driver after an update. Also another annoyance is delll the iwl driver doesn’t light up the wifi led with the gutsy version.

I had the problem with the keyboard lost. This is taken directly from Dell’s Linux Wiki http: Screen Brightness Functions keys work correctly? Also it seems to no affect all hard drivers. In order to install it go to Dell’s wiki http: I found a complete script on http: The i8kfan was written for the Inspiron not for vostros, may that cause the problem. These are Broadcom based controller which are not well supported under Linux.


Just don’t work out-of-the box. It seems that this packages solve the external mic not working i haven’t tested it yet. Hi martin, I use Xubuntu 8.

Dell Vostro [Linux Laptop Wiki]

Download the latest driver for Linux kernel 2. On a side note i was pretty amazed with the capabilities of Gparted it really worked really well. I also have it with Ubuntu 9. Someone has experienced this same problem?

For Hdd monitoring apt-get install hddtemp I choose to let the daemon running. If you push it back after power off the laptop it ubunut to solve or restore the previous partition. Entering an unknown directory make: Your name or email address: It’s the difference between kernel space and user space as far as where the object executed. Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision.

Some versions of the Vostro include the Dell Wireless and controllers.

Wireless is not working – Dell Vostro

The keyboard-issue didn’t affect me in 8. I did have to enter my WPA key, but that’s ok. Edit this page Old revisions.


Similar Threads – Dell Vostro Visually Addons sudo apt-get install sensors-applet Add it to your panel and adjust it according to your needs. How can I get my Dell Vostro hardware to run on Linux? You need to connect to internet by wire and run sudo apt-get install firmware-binstaller. Please 5110 this field empty: Does anyone know where I can get Linux Ubuntu drivers for wire,ess Vostro ?

The sound works but depending on which version of ALSA you are running you may have problems with headphones and the microphone.

Download the binary file from here. The solution is to replace in Gutsy the ipw for the iwl