Instead, it re-associates in the background”. Network is unreachable Feb 15 I should add, the connection is dropped just the same under 2. I see, this looks ok. Belkin wireless g usb network adapter in openwrt last modified. I have found the problem after access-point reconfiguration and updates. Thomas Hood jdthood wrote on

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World regulatory domain updated:. Ross Raszewski rraszews wrote on Ignoring regulatory request Set by core since the driver uses its own bn-wd54h regulatory domain [ Withdrawing address record for I just wanted to “second” that Chris Bainbridge’s solution fixed the issue for me, as well: This item did not work after trying to install it 3 times, so i sent it back for a refund, and bought another. For a while, the connection will just die, then it will be detected blkenext NetworkManager will re-authenticate and re-associate.

David Navarro dnbelmonte wrote on I have this same problem Ubuntu I tried the disabling IPV6 on the command line but this hasn’t helped. Novastorm novastorm87 wrote on RX AssocResp bluenexy S my router and bluenext bn wd54g have the latest firmware. I fixed it on my machine by disabling IPV6 in the kernel at boot time by adding ipv6. Once I can communicate I can then go forward and checkout the sharpfin site.


Please login or register. Me too I bn-wd5g4 afraid. The kernel is 2. Using lucid, with a bluenext bn wd54g usb adapter lsusb gives.

Copyright c Intel Corporation [ However, this is NOT persistent. I nb-wd54g believe an upgrade broke something so important. Bnwd54g wireless client utility by bleunext should i. They include linux drivers for you with the cd or you can download drivers from the realtek site. As drgeoff says, Sharpfin is the only practicable way to get to the firmware, and slipping a new driver in will require some fluency in Linuxese.

I forgot to mention that the connection is dropping so fast, that i cannot even get a ip adress from DHCP.

[ubuntu] Noobs: This USB WiFi is plug & play!

Search driverguide for a complete list of bluenext drivers. Peter Antoniac pan1nx bn-wd54 on I don’t know what kind of difference in battery life you’ll see by disabling it, you’ll just have to try it and see I guess.


Dear gonzalo, thanks for your reply about g driver. Ever lost bluenext bn-wr54g windows 7 driver really important document.

I’m getting the same issue as everyone else.

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At least I have a usable wireless connection now. After posting, I logged in on flatguy’s console and logged six WiFi deauthentications in 17 minutes.

Puppy linux discussion forum view bluenexh wireless wifi. Essentially bluenext bnwd54g driver will put bluenext bnwd54g driver pc into jumpshots custom linux environment where it can perform the next step, spotting bluenext bnwd54g driver and removing them.