You will find that the factory default settings provide features to meetmost of your printing needs. Chapter 6Maintaining the PrinterThis chapter covers the care and maintenance of your printer. None, Course, Fine,or Line Art. SeeChapter 4, Using the Operator Panel, for complete information on thesebuttons and lights. Many printing problems are related to howyour software interacts with the printer. Page 88 z Recharge the battery pack only when it is fully discharged.

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This printer does not require special ink-jet papers. You lift this lever to cleara paper jam. If you are using the battery pack and the printer does not receiveany data for 15 minutes, the printer automatically turns off tosave battery power. We will be happy to assist you further. 10zx you will not be using the printer for some time, unplug theAC adapter from the wall outlet and from the printer.

Canon BJsx : BJsx User Manual

In reply to Ramesh. Page 23 Cleaning the Print HeadThe print head on a new ink cartridge needs to be cleaned toensure that you get the primter possible print quality. Make sure the printer is on and on-line. Top coverThe top cover is open when feeding paper or accessing the inside of theprinter.


This chapter introduces you to features of your new printer anddescribes nj to use this User’s Manual. Hold the printer with one hand and grasp the tab on the batterypack with the other hand. Make sure the printer is turned off2.

In reply to RyanSims’s post on November 20, Thenselect printsr Connect button to display the Connect dialog box. Exit to DOS and print out a text file. Appendix APrinter SpecificationsThis appendix lists the specifications of your printer.

Selecting a Printer Control ModeYour printer has two resident printer control modes: If your application software does no list a Canon BJsx driver,call your software application’s technical support line and ask if aBJsx driver is available.

Assembling the Ptinter that you are familiar with the components of your printer, you areready to set up the printer and connect to your computer. Seeing that you already can connect the printer to your computer and just need the drivers, try these out and reply to tell me if they work or not.

Cannon BJ-10sx USB to Parallel drivers

Rotate the printer stand back to its original position. Press thelocks on the sides of the sheet feeder toward the printer to lockthe bn feeder into place.

Clear the paper jam as described later in thischapter. A problem may have one or a combination of causes,including a malfunction in your computer, software, the printercable, or the printer. It is not available inEpson LQ mode.


If an optional battery pack is installed, turn off the batteryswitch and remove the battery pack. Printout Is WrongIf strange characters appear in your output, there may be acommunications problem between the printer and your computer. You will find that the factory default settings provide features to meetmost of your printing needs.

DIP switch 2If you are using a software application that assumes 66 lines will fit oneach page, set this switch to ON. To select economy mode, follow these steps: Insert the battery pack in to the compartment — terminal end first.

Page 75 Cleaning the Print HeadIf you are having print quality problems, you need to clean theprint head. Align the envelope, transparency, or paper with the paper sizeindicator on the left side of the bottom slot. 10sd battery pack is described in Chapter 9, Installing aOptions. You can also call theCanon help desk at