English Log in Request account. Hence I needed to build the latest KStars tag v4. Besides INDI, here’s a list of mounts that are working with particular software. And from external source , these cameras also seem to be supported:. You will also need libindi-dev if you build KStars from source see below , or if you plan to write your own libINDI client. Spica was close to the window frame hence the stray light! Most devices don’t need drivers but software managing them.

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Many are supported by INDIhere is the list. INDI list of compatible mounts see the categories linked in this page too.

Hardware compatibility list – FreeAstro

It sounds a good setup for spectroscopy, I’d be interested to see your results. Many filter wheels are made for a camera, and in this case, they are often compatible with software compatible with the camera.

I have some excellent nights and then some not so good with Ekos!. Hi Thomas Just noticed your blog!. Many of them use closed-source drivers and not many will work on all systems and all architectures.


Check the installation was successful by attaching the Atik camera and running: The LinuxTV project has a wiki with a list of lniux devices. Skip to contentSkip to search. Linux kernel sources links: Cc understand from Jasem on the Indilib forum that I have a Dell Mini 10 netbook using the Intel Poulsbo chipset which may not be fully supported in Ubuntu I too use an Atik l for spectroscopy with an Alpy spectroscope onto an Espirit mm apo scope.

INDI list of compatible cameras.

ATIK Linux Drivers

Page Discussion View source History. Fun project for a rainy weekend? The image below shows a spectrum of Spica taken on 14th June. This page lists some devices and the status of their Linux driver or software used to control it.

KStars, which contains a module named Ekos for image capture. Besides INDI, here’s a list of mounts that are working with particular software. The em28xx chipset is an example of chipset used by many consumer products see list.


Many devices not listed vcd are supported by the INDI distributed abstraction layer. Main page Hardware compatibility Recent changes Projects: This page was last edited on 6 Julyat If you have some devices, you shall add them to the list or leave comments on how they work with Linux. English Log in Request account.

It is based on a client-server model using XML to pass commands between the client for example KStars and a server which interacts with the USB device such as a camera. Many are handled by Linux too. FreeAstro The free world encyclopaedia for astronomy software.

Hardware compatibility list

The latest version 0. Three tools need to be set up to use the camera: INDI supports many wheels list.

Hence I needed to build the latest KStars tag v4. KStars You need at least version 2.