I have not had a chance to call or e-mail technical support. Mounted above the screen is a 1. Situated on the upper left corner above the keyboard is a power profile button. Vertical viewing angles are adequate while horizontal are much better. Products may not be available in all markets.

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Luckily most are effortless to uninstall. The speakers are mounted in front just underneath the screen.

Asus W7J Review (pics, specs)

It is probably to protect the finish from my sweaty palms. I inserted my Britney Spears CD and prepared for another productive day. Unlike its older brother, the W3J, the W7J does not have a modular bay so a modular battery is out of the question. I disabled Bluetooth and disconnected all Asuw devices.

ASUS W7J Notebook Drivers Download

My deceased Dell was four years old and it would run just over two hours with general use. There is hardly any flex within the chassis.

Text is sharp and clear.

One of the qualities most talked about in the forum is build quality. In addition, the built-in wireless mouse receiver further increased the mobility and wireless connection of the W7J. I purchased the notebook from PROPortable. I guess Asus felt 1 GB asua memory was colossal. If you skim any notebook forum you will find that the is not well liked.


Style with Mobility The W7 Notebook Series offers first class computing capability with superior visual enjoyment. My efforts were to be in vain. I disabled the web cam under hardware profiles saus retested the battery.

Justin consistently gives reputable advice and is respected by forum members. All specifications are subject to change without notice. I constantly hit the Home key instead of the intended Backspace. The notebook is configured as assus With the extended warranty, the 12 month warranty is extended for a total of 36 months. I noticed the bottom left and right corners of the LCD is slightly darker then the rest of the screen.

My previous workhorse notebook was a Dell Inspiron Light leakage was minimal. This switch allows you to disable wireless signals at the flip of a switch. Overall the W7J is a well built, solid machine.

Asus W7J Review (pics, specs)

I work in an office where literally laser printers have grown legs and gone missing. Keys have a very responsive feel with good travel and feedback. With the AC adapter and other miscellaneous accessories, the weight quickly exceeded 14 lbs.


The drive spun the hockey pucks and read them without incident. If you want more juice your best bet is a 9-cell mAh battery which should available late August. This time around the battery lasted 3 hours 5 minutes.

The only flex is found around the palm rest when wj77 more than usual pressure. Discrete graphics permit you to play something other than Solitaire all day at work. Where and How Purchased: I had rarely used the touchpad on my old Dell so I did not have any high expectations.